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    Twitter's Moments feature is now available on iOS and Android

    Back in September, Twitter introduced a feature called Moments, allowing users to create personalize stories using tweets and photos. Previously, users could only create Moments on the web version of the Twitter but that is yesterday's news. Starting from today, users can create Moments from Twitter's iOS or Android app.

    To create a Moment, you can find a tweet from either your own account, from your list of favorites or liked tweets, or even Twitter search tweets.

    - Twitter (@twitter) November 29, 2016

    Moments supports tweets that have GIFs, Vines or static images, you can kiss incapability goodbye.

    How to create Twitter Moment :

    1. Once you have the tweet, tap on the arrow located next to it and select "Add to Moment"
    2. You'll be brought to Moments page. Customize your Tweet into a Moment
    3. Reorder your selected tweets and change background colors.
    4. Once all of that is done, add cover image and title to your Moment and press the "Publish" button

    Once published, these Moments can be view by anyone who has permission to look at your tweets. Moments will be presented in a slideshow format for easy browsing purpose.

    If you wish to modify your Moment or remove Moments in case of cold feet after it's published, you can do so by accessing the "My Moments" option.