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    Wine 2.0 is Now Available for Download

    If you're a Mac or Linux user who is heavily reliant on Wine, you would be pleased to know that Wine 2.0 is now available for download starting from today.

    One of the major improvements that comes with Wine 2.0 includes support for the Web Services API. With the implementation of the XML reader and writer, as well as basic support for making SOAP calls now available with Wine 2.0, users can now activate their copies of Microsoft Office 2013 online.

    For Mac users, Wine 2.0 can now support 64-bit applications. In addition to that, the Mono engine has also received 64-bit support. C++ exception are now handled correctly on x86-64, while the debug registers are now supported on x86-64 as well.

    Wine 2.0 has also made a host of improvements to the software's built-in applications, text and font systems, user interface and many more. All of the changes to Wine 2.0 can be viewed here. Those interested in downloading Wine 2.0 can do so here or here. Binary packages can be found here.